donderdag 16 september 2010

A day in the entertainment business

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to work a day in the entertainment business. My brother organizes company-events for teambuilding and such. A very entertaining day but very bad weather and all the activities will be outside so I think that will be a bit of a downside but no problem, we'll make the best of it. Please share your everyday work!

maandag 13 september 2010

Something about medicine

Hello followers, it's me again,

I was wondering which medicines you are using and for what reason. I'm just using some painkillers sometimes to take away the headache from drinking. Of course when I have a inflammation a use some antibiotics but other from that I don't use any medicine what-so-ever.

Error or Era

Hi Guys,

I'm watching a documentary about the Aryan Brotherhood on the television and I notice that every American says era as error. I wonder if that isn't confusing of you want to explain an era of error. Just kidding, no hate against the Americans but there are more words which are pronounced different in America than in English which can confuse some people.